Why Do We Sweat In The Winter

Generally, the body produces sweat as a way to regulate our body temperature. In most cases, this occurs when we exercise or when we’re exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time. However, there are a number of reasons as to why we might stress during colder temperatures and here are some of the main ones. 1.) Low blood Sugar When we have low blood sugar levels, our body releases adrenaline to help keep our heart rate up and cope with the lack of energy. The release of adrenaline often increases our heart rate more than is necessary and the result is increased body temperature which generally results in sweating. 2.) Hyperthyroidism If you find you’re sweating excessively in either cold or hot weather, you should probably get yourself screened for any thyroid related issues. The reason for this is that when we suffer from hyperthyroidism our bodies release a hormone that affects the way our body uses its energy stores. This results in increased fat burning which may in turn raise our body temperature and lead to sweating. 3.) Wearing too many layers When it’s cold outside, we often tend to over-dress, rather than underdress as being caught in the cold isn’t ideal. When we’re wearing all these layers, it’s natural for our bodies to sweat, especially if we’re traveling in a stuffy bus or train or sitting in a warm office. This could cause us to sweat and may result in quite the funk upon arriving at the office or your destination. So try to wear clothes that are breathable if you’re going to be sporting layers at all. 4.) Stress! When you stress, your heart-rate goes up. This naturally causes us to start sweating and most people tend to sweat when they’re nervous as well.. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable with your situation or find yourself stressing out about anything in particular, take a moment to stretch, unwind and drink some water. Meditate and take deep breaths. This should help to relax and stop you from perspiring quickly.

One of the biggest, most underrated, reasons for sweating is embarrassment. If you’re sweating in the middle of winter, you’re freezing, but you’re sweating, chances are someone just handed you a heavy dose of humiliation. When your face gets red and your palms start sweating even though you’re wearing gloves and a hat, you might be experiencing shame. Alternatively, you’re not wearing the right clothes to wick off sweat and keep your body properly heated. I’m the kind of person who gets extremely cold in the winter and would rather be sweating than cold. That being said, there are definitely times when I’ve dressed too warmly or forgot to dress smartly for the weather I was in. This is especially true in particularly cold places like Iceland or the North Pole. It’s not always about wearing more layers, it’s about wearing smart layers.

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The Laundry Diagnosis

I know, I know. You’re curious to know about my laundry situation. It’s been a whole ordeal, and now I’ve left you hanging (haha, no pun intended). Well sorry folks, I was a little bit busy dealing with the whole fiasco. But now that it seems that it might be on the up and up, I have a bit of time to update you on the latest. So, basically, after many washing machine issues, we finally messaged our landlord. I sent a very nice message saying “Hi, we wanted to let you know that there might be a problem with he washing machine. It used to take just one hour to do a load of laundry, but recently it has been taking an hour and a half. There have even been times where it went for much longer than that and we actually had to turn the machine off just to get it to stop. It does still work, but we wanted to let you know about these problems since we are scared that the machine is slowly breaking.” I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I was nervous that my landlord would react badly, but I still felt it was important to tell her about the issue. Luckily, she replied nonchalantly that we should just call her repair guy.

So, that we did. He said that if there was no warm water then he knew what the problem probably was, but that if there was hot water then there was nothing he could do about it. Hm, what in the world does that mean? We usually wash our clothes with cold water, so we had to actually test it out. We ran a cycle without any clothes in it, though we weren’t fully sure that we would be able to tell if there had been warm water in the machine once we opened the door at the end of the cycle.

Yet the repairman said that after about a half hour of the machine on, we could place our hand on the outside of the door. If it was warm, it meant there was warm water, and if not then not. Luckily, there didn’t seem to be any hot water, which meant that he knew what the issue was. He came by to look at the appliance and said that it needed a new card (again, whatever that means). It would be pricey to replace, so he called the landlord several times until he got through and asked them if they wanted to replace it or order a new machine. They opted to replace the card. Unfortunately that means we must wait until next week to do laundry, but hopefully then the machine should be as good as new. Luckily, I think I have enough underwear to get me through until then. If not, I’ll start making friends with the neighbors and ask to use one of their machines.

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Don’t Panic It’s Organic

Consider how your cosmetics contribute to your appearance, not just immediately but over time. Are your cleansers nourishing or are they stripping the natural oils from your skin and hair? The heat and chemical processing you put your hair and nails through takes a toll on their strength. Over time they become brittle, dry and prone to breakage. Even worse, some hair dyes are known carcinogens. Prioritize sleep. Your overloaded schedule probably eats into the only “spare” time you have: your beauty sleep. And those dark under-eye circles are the least of your worries. You can see the proof looking back at you in the mirror after a rough night’s sleep. Missing out on a few hours of sleep sets off a cascade of hormonal changes that negatively affect how your cells function and how you feel throughout the day.

Give yourself a realistic bedtime. Put your tablet down, charge your phone, close your laptop, and turn off the television a couple of hours before your bedtime to get your mind ready for sleep.

Overexposure to the sun, smoke, airborne toxins, and the chlorine in water can lead to a loss of luster and elasticity that ages your appearance. Freezing cold weather tends to be dry, leading to cracked, even bleeding, hands, lips, and cuticles. Smoking is one of the surest ways to age your skin. Exposure to tobacco smoke decreases your production of collagen and damages your skin’s elasticity. If you want to take better care of yourself, start exploring natural ways to keep your routine. I know beauty products are expensive. You don’t have to throw out your entire makeup bag today-start small. Swap in new, natural products whenever you run low on your normal cosmetics. Work your way through your hair, skin, and nail care products and rituals. Consider dry brushing before your next shower.

Dry brushing will help loosen dead skin and push your lymph fluid back into circulation. When you bathe, limit your exposure to excessively hot water in the shower. The next time you bathe, ask yourself if you’re washing your hair and skin out of habit, or if you genuinely need to wash, rinse, and repeat. You might just need a thorough rinse rather than a good scrubbing. For healthy nails, try to limit your showers to 15 minutes to keep your nails strong. Excessively long showers temporarily over saturate nails and make them more prone to bending and tearing. Immediately after bathing, make sure you moisturize with organic products to seal in moisture. Don’t forget your hands, feet, and elbows.

Proper nutrition should be your first thought when you want to grow healthy hair, skin, and nails. B-complex vitamins are not only essential for overall health, they’re vital for nail and hair strength. For truly remarkable hair, skin, and nails you should take an inside-out approach to beauty. Eat foods rich in beauty-boosting vitamins and take supplements to fill in the gaps. Once you’ve nourished yourself from the inside, you can shift focus to the outside with Honeydew range of natural products. It’s a luxury face cream formulated with essential oils and handcrafted in small batches so you can put your best face forward.

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Grammarly Will Help you Write Better

The one class I always hated was English. I would get hives just thinking about writing a term paper. It wasn’t that I didn’t have an imagination but spelling and proper grammar always confused me and so I would constantly get bad grades because my spelling and grammar was off. The content was good but the execution was always off. I would use the Microsoft Word processor and that would improve my spelling but never really helped to filter my thoughts and make the paper flow better. This led me to stay away from writing for years. But not anymore because I found grammar checker software.

Grammar checker software is exactly what it sounds like. It follows your writing and helps you to choose the best words and grammar to make you piece read nice and smooth. I have tried Grammarly. It seems to be the best one on the market and many people praise its ease of use not to mention that it is free to use. You can buy a subscription that will give you more features but from my experience I didn’t think I needed them. The problem with writing a lot of the time is that the ideas flow but knowing where to put punctuations can be confusing and therefore having a software that does these things for you can really be helpful. Since I started using Grammarly my grades improved with leaps and bounds. I have read many reviews on edumuch.com about other grammar programs and I would be interested in checking them out sometime soon. For now I will stick to what I know which is Grammarly. I still use Windows Word but the nice thing about Grammarly is that is doesn’t distract you.

The internet is full of new and exciting things and the grammar checker software is just one of these things. When I do research I no longer have to go to the library and take out books I can simple look up the subjects on google and find everything I need to know. I remember when I was a kid having to take out books on various subjects and writing about them. This brings up one other way that Grammarly can be helpful and that is in the realm of plagiarism. With so much information flying everywhere we can sometimes make the mistake of attributing an idea to ourselves that actually wasn’t ours. This of course can be illegal if you for instance write a paper copying another person’s work but with Grammarly they have plagiarism detector which works to scan your paper and find parts that may be dangerously close to other published work. It can be a simple mistake that can get you in deep trouble.

If you are like me and are in need of some grammar help grammar checker software can be extremely helpful. They can help you along to be able to write papers that any English teacher would love. Do your homework and have fun doing it! Much love, peace out.

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