Why Do We Sweat In The Winter

Generally, the body produces sweat as a way to regulate our body temperature. In most cases, this occurs when we exercise or when we’re exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time. However, there are a number of reasons as to why we might stress during colder temperatures and here are some of the main ones. 1.) Low blood Sugar When we have low blood sugar levels, our body releases adrenaline to help keep our heart rate up and cope with the lack of energy. The release of adrenaline often increases our heart rate more than is necessary and the result is increased body temperature which generally results in sweating. 2.) Hyperthyroidism If you find you’re sweating excessively in either cold or hot weather, you should probably get yourself screened for any thyroid related issues. The reason for this is that when we suffer from hyperthyroidism our bodies release a hormone that affects the way our body uses its energy stores. This results in increased fat burning which may in turn raise our body temperature and lead to sweating. 3.) Wearing too many layers When it’s cold outside, we often tend to over-dress, rather than underdress as being caught in the cold isn’t ideal. When we’re wearing all these layers, it’s natural for our bodies to sweat, especially if we’re traveling in a stuffy bus or train or sitting in a warm office. This could cause us to sweat and may result in quite the funk upon arriving at the office or your destination. So try to wear clothes that are breathable if you’re going to be sporting layers at all. 4.) Stress! When you stress, your heart-rate goes up. This naturally causes us to start sweating and most people tend to sweat when they’re nervous as well.. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable with your situation or find yourself stressing out about anything in particular, take a moment to stretch, unwind and drink some water. Meditate and take deep breaths. This should help to relax and stop you from perspiring quickly.

One of the biggest, most underrated, reasons for sweating is embarrassment. If you’re sweating in the middle of winter, you’re freezing, but you’re sweating, chances are someone just handed you a heavy dose of humiliation. When your face gets red and your palms start sweating even though you’re wearing gloves and a hat, you might be experiencing shame. Alternatively, you’re not wearing the right clothes to wick off sweat and keep your body properly heated. I’m the kind of person who gets extremely cold in the winter and would rather be sweating than cold. That being said, there are definitely times when I’ve dressed too warmly or forgot to dress smartly for the weather I was in. This is especially true in particularly cold places like Iceland or the North Pole. It’s not always about wearing more layers, it’s about wearing smart layers.

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