The Laundry Diagnosis

I know, I know. You’re curious to know about my laundry situation. It’s been a whole ordeal, and now I’ve left you hanging (haha, no pun intended). Well sorry folks, I was a little bit busy dealing with the whole fiasco. But now that it seems that it might be on the up and up, I have a bit of time to update you on the latest. So, basically, after many washing machine issues, we finally messaged our landlord. I sent a very nice message saying “Hi, we wanted to let you know that there might be a problem with he washing machine. It used to take just one hour to do a load of laundry, but recently it has been taking an hour and a half. There have even been times where it went for much longer than that and we actually had to turn the machine off just to get it to stop. It does still work, but we wanted to let you know about these problems since we are scared that the machine is slowly breaking.” I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. I was nervous that my landlord would react badly, but I still felt it was important to tell her about the issue. Luckily, she replied nonchalantly that we should just call her repair guy.

So, that we did. He said that if there was no warm water then he knew what the problem probably was, but that if there was hot water then there was nothing he could do about it. Hm, what in the world does that mean? We usually wash our clothes with cold water, so we had to actually test it out. We ran a cycle without any clothes in it, though we weren’t fully sure that we would be able to tell if there had been warm water in the machine once we opened the door at the end of the cycle.

Yet the repairman said that after about a half hour of the machine on, we could place our hand on the outside of the door. If it was warm, it meant there was warm water, and if not then not. Luckily, there didn’t seem to be any hot water, which meant that he knew what the issue was. He came by to look at the appliance and said that it needed a new card (again, whatever that means). It would be pricey to replace, so he called the landlord several times until he got through and asked them if they wanted to replace it or order a new machine. They opted to replace the card. Unfortunately that means we must wait until next week to do laundry, but hopefully then the machine should be as good as new. Luckily, I think I have enough underwear to get me through until then. If not, I’ll start making friends with the neighbors and ask to use one of their machines.

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